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How CICA Works

Each student at Christian International Community Academy has a personal, customized path that is specifically built for their goals, skill level and pace. Regardless of where they are located around the world, our students receive quality education from licensed teachers who are always available through online channels. We’re here to provide the flexible learning experience you need.

Virtual Workspace Description:

Traditional high school learner, school/staff guided, parent/guardian supported

Attends weekly Google Meets from 9am-2pm Monday-Thursday

Tuition: $200 per month

Tutoring services are available. Please see the Resources tab for instructions.

Independent study courses provided upon request.

Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders

The mission of CICA is to provide students with a well-rounded Christian education that will prepare them to have a life-long relationship of service to the Lord, while enabling them to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

With over 30 years of educational expertise, CICA is comprised of experienced teachers and administrators in virtual and in-person learning with a commitment to spiritual and academic success of all our students.

Character Development

In response to the lack of virtual, Christian education, character development and life skills, CICA’s curriculum is founded on a Biblical worldview which disciples students.

Flexible & Safe

In the era of COVID-19, families are seeking an alternative to in-person instruction. Additionally, CICA is an ideal path for students who needs to take care of their responsibilities, while pursuing their personal and professional goals.

Global Visionaries

In an ever-evolving society, we believe it is imperative that schools prepare students for the real-world, including STEM education, financial literacy, investing in real-estate, stocks, bonds, crypto-currency, career readiness, entrepreneurship and building generational wealth.


Flexible & Affordable

Supportive & Effective

Christian International Community Academy

Christian International Community Academy is a private school registered with the Florida Department of Education, accredited with the National Accreditation Council, and a member in good standing with the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation.

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